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A topic should be interesting to you and your readers. It will bring inspiration while working on it and will help to generate ideas.

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Few people like writing. Try to make your task easier by choosing a topic of interest.

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  8. Identify whether your topic is excessively broad or narrow. Your potential readers may not understand some points in an essay if they are not prepared or educated in a field.

    Find reliable information sources like scientific publications, articles and books. Also, you should choose up-to-date sources as they offer the most recent information on your topic. Let them help you.

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    Most probably, your teacher will offer several hints and help develop ideas for your future essay. For other themes, click Manual grading' from the Quiz results section of your quiz administration block.

    When manually grading an essay question, the grader is able to enter a custom comment in response to the essay and assign a score for the essay. You are here. Essay question type. Jump to: navigation , search. Category : Questions.


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