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It is also suitable for students of other domains of management who seek to gain broad, practically oriented, and comprehensive insight into the field of marketing. How can companies gain and sustain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive environment? In recent years, companies have realized that a crucial source of competitive advantage lies in the provision of a compelling customer experience. Due to the rapid rise of digital and mobile devices, customers are increasingly valuing seamless experiences. This course discusses the general determinants of great customer experiences across all touch points prior, during and after purchase and introduces methods to improve customer experiences.

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This track aims to train future marketers working in digital marketing. The track prepares students to work in positions related to mobile marketing, social media, big data, and general technology. As the amount of data available to even the smallest companies continues to increase, companies of all types will continue to embrace this exciting and growing field. Marketing analysts need to possess a diverse skill set.

Although experience with programming and statistics is important, technical skills alone are typically not sufficient for success. Analysts must understand the business context they work in so that they can sensibly interpret results. Furthermore, marketing analysts must be able to clearly and persuasively communicate their insights to managers. This course provides hands-on opportunities for you to develop and integrate these diverse skills. In the first half of the course, we emphasize the technical—reinforcing skills obtained from previous courses e.

In the second half of the course, we emphasize the application of these skills to solve managerial problems and communicate a recommended course of action. The development of practice and research in marketing is always accompanied by advancement in technologies. The technological advancements bring forth new opportunities while posing unprecedented challenges for marketers.

This course balances the strategy and tactic side of digital marketing by not only examining how to develop digital marketing strategies to increase shareholder value and sustain competitive advantage but also creating hands-on experiences with different digital marketing tools.

With a systematic approach, we will explore various managerial problems such as how to design a website and drive traffic, how to optimize search engine efforts, how to purchase inventory for online display advertising, and how to allocate budget to different online communication channels. With these discussion, this course aims to shape your perspective as a digital marketing leader. Data science activities can add value to a company in a variety of ways, such as forming the basis for new, innovative products; by accurately predicting customer churn; or by analyzing consumer sentiment from social media.

Besides a big shortage of data scientists, there is an even bigger shortage of managers who understand core data science activities. This course will give you hands-on experience with such activities, as well as an overview of trends in the market. In this course you will learn the key concepts and methods that form the core of a modern data scientist's toolbox.

You will gain hands-on experience with applying machine learning tools and algorithms using the R software environment, for example to predict sales. The course will be directly useful to students aspiring to use these machine learning tools in business practice themselves, but also to those who want to understand machine learning activities so that they can identify areas where data science can add value to a company. The textbook listed below, which can be downloaded for free, will give you an idea of the level of R skills you will attain and the types of analyses we will consider in the course.

The group assignments will take the form of data analysis competitions, where students compete to build the best model for a specific business problem such as predicting new product adoption in a direct marketing campaign. These problem-driven data cases are examples of typical data science projects encountered in industry. Pricing and revenue management focuses on how a firm should set and update pricing and product availability decisions across its various selling channels in order to maximize its profitability.

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In this course you will learn to identify and exploit opportunities for revenue optimization in different business contexts and survey current practices in different industries. You will review the main methodologies that are used in each of these areas, understand key concepts including the interaction between supply and demand, opportunity costs, customer response, demand uncertainty and market segmentation.

Within the broader area of pricing theory, the course places particular emphasis on tactical optimization of pricing and capacity allocation decisions, tackled using quantitative models of consumer behavior e. NAH Agatz. This course studies the impact of new media and technologies on marketing. E-Marketing has a broad scope including digital media, management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems. The marketing strategy of companies and on sales will be discussed, and the course will also be defining strategy and the use of technology from a customer driven context.

The course discusses the use of all new interactive media, including internet and social media, but also smart phones and smart chips from a customer point of view. Topics include impact of these media in business-to-consumer, Consumer-to-Consumer, and Business-to-business markets and supply channels. Academic theory provides the basis for discussion, while practical examples by guest lecturers provide food for thought. The aim of this course is to develop thorough knowledge on the impact of new media, on the decision making processes regarding the application of these media within marketing, and the effective use of customer driven strategies in various market circumstances.

More specific examples of topics include the historical context and development of e-marketing and distance selling, Marketing orientation as base for decision making, the strategy and implementation of e-marketing and distance selling within different marketing orientations, the definition of internet strategies, and consumer behaviour in online buying and social media use. This course discusses the benefits and risks associated with the use of digital footprints for marketeers, consumers, and policy makers.

Brand managers can use detailed consumer level data to gain better insights about their target group and to adapt their communication and branding strategies accordingly.

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At the same time, consumers and policy makers are becoming more concerned about how digital footprints are collected and used. This course will help you develop an in-depth understanding of potential ethical issues related to digital footprints and measures that can mitigate such risks e. Taught by Ana Martinovici. You might be interested in start-ups and consulting, for example. Given the explosion over the past two decades in the amount and types of data available to even the smallest companies, it is no surprise that spending on marketing analytics continues to rise.

Marketing analytics encompasses a diverse set of activities, requiring analysts to possess a diverse set of skills. Although a background in programming and statistics is important, these technical skills by themselves are not sufficient for success. First, analysts must understand the business context so that they can sensibly interpret their results. Second, marketing analysts must be able to clearly and persuasively communicate their insights to managers. This course will provide many hands-on opportunities to develop and integrate these diverse skills.

In the first half of the course, emphasis will be placed on reinforcing technical skills that were developed in earlier courses, as well as developing new ones. In the second half of the course, the emphasis will be on the application of these skills to solve managerial problems and communicate a recommended course of action. The course as it is designed, is a lot of work, and a lot of fun! Although there may be some overlap with contents typically seen in marketing courses on communication and advertising, the Nudging Consumer Choice course provides a substantially different approach to understanding and changing consumer choice.

Taught by Dr. D Schley. A Ferecatu. Taught by dr Yvonne van Everdingen. It will offer answers to the problems that currently slow the flow of information throughout the segment and help make the system more efficient. The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between awareness of autism in the general public and availability of funding for autism research.

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Researchers have found no source of autism in children and due to this they have also not been able to find a cure. Children are being diagnosed with autism at incredibly high rates; much higher than any other disability that afflicts children, yet it receives the least public and private funding of all of these same disabilities. There have been many steps taken recently by the government and by private institutions to increase awareness and the availability of funds for programs to help children with autism and also research to find the source and a cure for autism.

This paper seeks to find the connection between awareness and availability of funding and also to identify steps that can be taken to increase both.

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The global financial crisis that began in is considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. During this global financial meltdown the world has witnessed disastrous stock market crashes, the implosion of multiple prestigious financial institutions, and government bailouts on an unprecedented scale. Surprisingly, it is difficult to receive a straightforward explanation from the financial sector or the government regarding the causes of this financial meltdown and the lack of foresight from both private and public entities.

The view expressed in this paper is that both the private sector and the government are to blame for the magnitude of the financial crisis and for the lack of accountability in the steps taken in the aftermath of the global meltdown. To support this contention, this paper will draw upon interviews conducted with individuals in the banking and investment sector, primary sources dealing with the financial crisis, and the analysis of experts in the field.

The turbulence in the financial system has affected citizens in every income bracket and field of work and we all have a vested interest in understanding the causes and consequences of these pivotal events. From there the Hannaford brothers turned a small produce market into one of the most prominent grocery stores in the New England region.

The grocery industry is by no means a non-competitive industry. Using research from websites, journals, and books, a case study was completed that contains a history of Hannaford Brothers and its major competitors, an analysis of their strengths, and finally recommendations of what Hannaford can do to stay on top. Hannaford has achieved a good position in the grocery industry as one in which customer service and high quality is a necessity. With their merger with Delhaize of America they have the financial backing of one of the largest food retailers in the United States.

Hannaford has the unique opportunity to further develop themselves as one of the leaders in the industry while continuing to offer low prices, and venturing into new markets. Given all this Hannaford can remain among the top leaders in the grocery industry for the future. Academic Administration. Staff Search. Academic Calendar. Academic Job Opportunities.

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