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Case work underscores questions of how such material should be presented. Case work can indicate strengths and weaknesses in the venues in which inquiry is initiated and formed. Casework, therefore, is an essential aspect of inquiry neither reducible to theory nor an end-in-itself. SynBERC — With Gaymon Bennett, he had been part of a collaborative effort to re-think the relationship between ethics and science within this NSF funded Engineering Research Center.

In SynBERC, the mandate from the NSF was to invent a collaborative mode of engagement such that the relationship between ethics and science might be reconceived and reworked. The anthropological work was an experiment in thought and production, given a self-imposed one year time limit for both research and writing.

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It was an experiment in collaboration involving first and second order modes of observation. The fieldwork leading up to French DNA: Trouble in Purgatory focused on a multidimensional crisis revolving around a proposal for commercial collaboration between an American biotechnology start-up company and the French laboratory that led the genome sequencing effort in France, the CEPH.

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As opposed to his earlier book, French Modern, French DNA is not a history of the present but an initial case study in the anthropology of the contemporary. Cetus Corporation later, Roche Molecular Systems figured as both a scientific and anthropological milieu within which to explore a set of a highly specific set of political, economic, scientific and legal vectors that generated a new industry as well as a major technological development, the polymerase chain reaction.

Contrary to narratives of invention and discovery as the work of individual geniuses, Making PCR: A Story of Biotechnology highlights the assembling and governing of scientific and technical prowess, sustained teamwork, management skills, legal input and material resources, all of which were necessary for this fundamental molecular biological tool to emerge, be stabilized, commercialized and to become rapidly a tool fundamental for all biological research.

French Modern demonstrates the century long process of bringing these domains of knowledge and practices of power slowly into a common frame of rationality and eventually into an operative apparatus characteristic of the welfare state. Trained at the University of Chicago in the history of philosophy under the tutelage of Richard McKeon, where McKeon emphasized the rhetorical and pragmatic functions of philosophy Dewey , Rabinow renewed this activity and moved beyond the work of his advisor, Clifford Geertz.

Encounters with Robert Bellah and Hubert Dreyfus at UC Berkeley in the context of a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship year —77 led to a focus on interpretive social science and ethical practice on the one hand, and an education in Heidegger and the question of technology and modern philosophy on the other.

The importance of colonial history, the self-understanding of descendants of an Islamic saint, the dilemma of tradition and modernity as well as fieldwork itself, as a practice, rite and site of self-formation, became case material for reflection.

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The major themes that Rabinow will consistently pursue for the next decades are all incipiently present in these untimely reflections; ethics as form giving, motion and care. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paul Rabinow. Portrait of Paul M. Florida, United States. Outline History. Archaeological Biological Cultural Linguistic Social. Social Cultural.

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Research framework. Key concepts. Key theories. Actor—network theory Alliance theory Cross-cultural studies Cultural materialism Culture theory Diffusionism Feminism Historical particularism Boasian anthropology Functionalism Interpretive Performance studies Political economy Practice theory Structuralism Post-structuralism Systems theory. Anthropologists by nationality Anthropology by year Bibliography Journals List of indigenous peoples Organizations. People who bought this also bought.

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