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The Pros and Cons of writing your Extended Essay over the Summer Holidays

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How to get started with the IB TOK Essay

Report post. Posted November 11, The words that should come up more frequently are the key words from the question to show that you are remaining focussed on the question and not getting distracted by anything else. Do I have to include any Philosophy or Philosophical words? Do I have to research the quotations in the question title?

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Can I use quotations from famous people to back up my argument? Students often like starting essays, concluding essays or supporting points with quotations from famous people like Oscar Wilde or Albert Einstein.

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The fact that these people are experts tends to lend an air of credibility to your argument. You should also remember that, outside of the topic of aesthetics, it might not be a such good idea to quote Oscar Wilde at all: his opinions on how to live a good life, for example, can be sharply witty and sound quite appealing Similarly, Einstein is a hugely important figure in the history of science and it might be worthwhile quoting him if you were exploring the forces that drive or inspire genius.

In general the rule with quotations is that you should only quote from someone when they are an expert in the relevant field and even then you have to bear in mind that their opinion is nothing more than that, an opinion. Finally, be careful where you get your quotation from. Do I need to include different perspectives in my essay? However, there are other perspectives that you considering and exploring different cultural, political, philosophical, historical and intellectual perspectives or different schools of thought within an AOK can lead to a more interesting and more convincing essay.

One effective way to include these different kinds of knowledge in your essay is to treat them as different perspectives on the same issue. This links nicely with the previous point as a way of considering different perspectives on the same issue and can be a good way of killing two birds with one stone. From www. May Breaking Conventions. Context is All.

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Moral Wisdom. Valuable Knowledge. That would be bad. Be careful NOT to fill the activities box with several different enterprises. The student should put a lot of effort into only a few activities, no more than two, and one is enough if the student has reached a high level, like running a local assemblyman's campaign or winning the state lacrosse championship. There is a problem at the moment at most colleges with getting course credit for one-year Standard Level IB course final exams.

You can easily get credit for a good grade on a one-year AP course exam. You often cannot get similar credit for a good grade on a one-year IB course exam. This is the colleges' fault. They have been slow to see that they are discriminating against IB. But it is changing. Virginia's legislature has outlawed the double standard, and other states are thinking about doing the same.

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An IB student who completes the full diploma will not have a problem, since he will have taken several Higher Level two-year IB courses that do receive college credit. The most important point is that IB and AP courses are only as good as their teachers, so check with parents of children older than yours on the quality of instruction, then select withever program works best for you. This article is provided as a service of the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, a c 3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted young people 18 and under.

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