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Lastly, we will discuss approaches to and tips for revision of the project. Students at any stage of writing are encouraged to attend. Policy Writing: Best Practices in White Paper and Memo Writing Patty Carroll, Education This workshop provides an overview of best practices in memo and white paper writing as seen in policy-related fields e. We will discuss the purpose, organization, and style of this genre of writing.

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Then we will apply this knowledge through an in-depth analysis of exemplar papers. This workshop is designed to enable you to write effective memos and white papers for graduate and professional settings.. Now how do you edit them? This workshop will cover stages and levels of editing manuscripts in a journal workflow from initial peer review to the finished publishable product.

Current, future, or would-be editors are welcome to attend any or all parts of the workshop.

Writing a Paper in the Arts Lisa Yamasaki, Education The workshop will cover ways to analyze art in relation to theory and its sociological and historical context. Although the approach covered is applicable to different art forms, the workshop will mainly discuss visual art. The workshop will also cover ways to discuss formal elements of visual art.

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Participants will practice editing for grammatical accuracy in addition to discussing methods and resources for self-correction. Style A Refresher Workshop Carole Yue, Psychology I've been told that my writing is "dense" and "passive" and that my sentences don't "flow. This workshop will help participants improve the clarity and cohesion of their sentences and paragraphs. They will also practice editing for style. Please bring a hard copy of your own work, at least 15 double-spaced pages more is fine. If you would like to do some of the preparation work ahead of time, start working on a backwards outline by tagging each paragraph with a phrase describing its main point.

Natasha Olmos, Counseling and Psychological Services The workshop will provide information about resources for dissertators and thesis-writers.


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It will present information on writing groups and support groups, including how to run your own dissertation writing group or writing partnership. Finally, at the end of the workshop, graduate students who are interested in being placed in a writing group will stay in order to form groups and discuss scheduling. If you are interested in being in a group, fill out the writing group questionnaire and bring it to the workshop.

Strategies for Writing the Social Sciences Dissertation Proposal Daniel Lim, Political Science Stacey Meeker, Information Studies This workshop will give an overview of the main components of a dissertation proposal in the social sciences and cover strategies for writing the introduction, literature review, methods, and significance sections.

These strategies should be adapted to your department's and advisor's expectations about the structure and content of your proposal. Please bring two copies of your abstract to this workshop.

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Strategies for Writing the Humanities Dissertation Prospectus Erin Brown, History Renee Hudson, English This workshop is geared towards giving incipient prospectus writers the tools to write their prospectus over the course of two months. We will discuss literature review and argument development as well as how to turn the many different pieces of a prospectus into a coherent document.

Nota bene: this is meant to be an addition to--not a substitution for--serious discussions with your advisor about what is expected of you in your home department. Preparing and Presenting Conference Papers in the Humanities Erin Brown, History Renee Hudson, English The purpose of this workshop is to present strategies for writing a conference paper from scratch or transforming an already existing document to fit a particular call for papers.

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From titles to opening up for questions, we will discuss different methods for preparing an engaging and substantive oral presentation, including various technological aids you may want to use. We will discuss strategies including converting a written paper into an oral presentation, effectively using limited time, and incorporating multimedia elements into a presentation. Preparing and Presenting Minute Conference Talks in the Sciences Carole Yue, Psychology This workshop will cover the principles of the minute talk in the context of biomedical sciences.

We will discuss how to condense your research into PowerPoint, and how to effectively present it within the allotted timeframe. We will cover stylistic issues and public speaking issues as well.

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Practical Tips for Writing a Scientific Paper This workshop will cover the basics of how to plan for, prepare, and organize science-specific writing, including term papers, manuscripts and abstracts. We will also cover style, common structure and tips for avoiding problems such as excess jargon and ambiguously stated hypotheses.

Email Etiquette at the University Carole Yue, Psychology Graduate students will write thousands of emails while getting your degree—emails that invite professors to serve on your dissertation committee, emails that ask for extensions on papers, emails in which you introduce yourself to potential mentors or advisors. Designed for graduate students who speak English as a second or foreign language, this workshop breaks down the language necessary to make polite requests over email.

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It also covers basic email etiquette and includes opportunities to edit emails written by real graduate students. Appointments are limited to one appointment per week scheduled in advance, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please consult our GWC policies page for more information concerning our policies. In preparation for an appointment, please bring one printout of your writing project to the appointment one printout required, two recommended. If you need to cancel your appointment, you must do so within the Handshake system at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid a late cancellation penalty.

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You will have 50 minutes to talk with the graduate writing consultant at your appointment. The writing consultant will ask you questions about your writing goals and concerns.

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The writing consultant may not be able to read your entire draft, so please indicate which sections to focus on during your appointment. Come prepared to work actively on your writing because writing consultants will not do the work for you. Skip to Main Content. Mobile Button. Graduate Student Resource Center.