Failed dissertation masters

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Failed Masters dissertation? Need help for masters resubmission

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Useful links: 1 5. This discussion is closed. Report Thread starter 8 years ago 1. Not what you're looking for? Report Thread starter 8 years ago 2. Report 8 years ago 3. Even if you scrape a pass why did you leave it till the last minute like that? You've paid all that money to do a masters, you may as well of got the best possible grade you could have. Report 8 years ago 4. I not sure about masters tbh but if it was undergrad I'm sure you could get a third or possibly even scrape a 2.

Report Thread starter 8 years ago 5. Original post by james Even if you scrape a pass why did you leave it till the last minute like that? Report Thread starter 8 years ago 6. Original post by ultimate mashup I not sure about masters tbh but if it was undergrad I'm sure you could get a third or possibly even scrape a 2. Report 8 years ago 7.

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Original post by lstudent08 for undergrad a third is better than a pass right? Report 8 years ago 8. Report 8 years ago 9. Report 8 years ago Report Thread starter 8 years ago Original post by obstupefacere That doesn't add up. You might pass, you might not - it depends upon your actual ability. If you were doing a Masters in time management you would have failed straight away, however depending on your course and how good you are at it - you could pass. That said; from the sound of what you have described, you will have failed very miserably.

Citing from a website is unacceptable at any level of education Didn't you read any books?

Why I had to resubmit my thesis

It rests on your actual ability; best of luck, but don't get your hopes up. It is difficult producing something coherent, with a logical and consistent argument, in such a short space of time. I did the same with my undergrad dissertation and ended up with a 2.

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  8. If it is a borderline case then often Universities will allow for a redraft to get the piece of writing up to a passable level. If not you will be awarded a Post graduate diploma. I have to say, spending a total of 20hours writing a Masters level dissertation is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. I do not think I would produce passable quality in such a short time frame and I am a native speaker.

    As others have stated speak to your course co-ordinator or consult your course handbook. I really hope things work out for you but what you have done is stupid. Yes that was the story of my undergrad for writing essay because I lacked maturity I only screwed myself with a Uni debt and poor preformance. Your competeing against students who will have been working hard for 3 months writing plus months before narrowing and researching their topic. Just because you rushed your dissertation doesn't mean the content is automatically poor. However you have given yourself no time for reflection on what you have written and digesting the current debates in that particular field.

    I think presentation is crucial for borderline cases. The marker is human. Have you made it easy to read. Did you format your dissertation correctly?


    Was it presented in a neat aesthetically pleasing manner. I have spoken with undergrad markers and presentation sets the tone for the piece and and the readers engagement with it. A piece of work which is rife with mistakes is automatically going to irritate the marker.

    Ellim Badges: Original post by lstudent08 and i pasted a lot of quotes so maybe like a third of the whole thing is quotes. Lizi Badges: 0. I've heard that lots of people drop a grade in their Masters Obviously this isn't true for everyone. I would like to attempt my dissertation again because I feel I am very capable of doing it.

    Your email suggests that it is possible to transfer my credits to another University and complete my studies. I am hoping for that. Can you please let me know what information I have to request from my University for a credit transfer. Hi again. Talk to the people who ran your course or the university administration department. Universities vary in how much credit you can transfer if they do at all. You may need to consider redoing a masters from the start at a different university. Your health reasons for not passing so far would be accepted as a valid reason to try again at a different place.

    You may benefit from starting afresh as well because you could put this fail behind you. Has your health improved? Will it stay that way? Having an MSc is good for job applications but you do not want to try and spend too many years trying to get a qualification and not be in a job gaining on the job experience. You mention lots of experience working abroad which is a really good thing in your favour. You also have the problem solving skills a physics degree teaches you as well as your software writing ability: you have lots to say to sell yourself so go for jobs anyway even if they do ask for an MSc.

    MSc Awarding of Degrees

    Have a think about things and don't rush into any decisions. My health problem is long term. But I am doing well than before which gave me the confidence to redo my dissertation. I am hoping that by doing my dissertation in another university I will have to spend 3 to 4 months on education. If I take up MSc again I have to spend 1 more year and lot of money on my education. I would like to earn my degree and get back on the job market to make up for lost time and money.