Thesis on power system security

PhD Thesis

Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University. As the proportion of electric power generated from PV systems becomes significant, the effect of these sources on transmission and distribution networks must be considered.

This research work has investigated suitable representations of the PV resource and the output power of dispersed PV systems to study the effects of large-scale deployment of PV systems on the grid operation. The representation of solar radiation is very important since this dictates the output power of PV systems.

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In this work, the simple and reliable Markov Transition Matrix MTM method was selected to generate synthetic horizontal solar radiation data. A single MTM was developed to generate half-hour horizontal solar radiation data for different locations in the UK. Large-scale inclusion of PV systems in the UK electricity supply is expected to take the form of a large number of small, geographically dispersed building integrated PV systems. The study also developed a detailed PV cluster model to represent these dispersed PV systems. Doctoral level ETD - final. The University of Manchester. Institutional metadata University researcher s :.

Security constrained reactive power dispatch in electrical power systems

Wall, Peter. Record metadata Manchester eScholar ID:.

Operation & Control- Tutorial- Power System Security- Slide 6

The library chat service will be available from 11am-3pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. We define multiple attack strategies and show that they can significantly disturb the state estimation.

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Moreover, we propose schemes that could be used for detection, localization, and mitigation of data integrity attacks. We investigate how to provide data confidentiality for power system applications when they utilize cloud computing.

Contingency analysis and reliability evaluation of Bangladesh power system

We focus on contingency analysis and propose an approach to obfuscate information regarding power flows and the presence of a contingency violation while allowing the operator to analyze contingencies with the needed accuracy in the cloud. Our empirical evaluation shows that the errors introduced into power flows due to the proposed obfuscation are small, and that the RMS errors introduced grow linearly with the magnitude of obfuscation. We study how to improve data availability in face of gray hole attacks combined with traffic analysis.

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In the first case, we propose a support vector machine-based traffic analysis algorithm that uses only the information on timing and direction of three consecutive messages, and show that a gray hole attack can be effectively performed even if the traffic is sent through an encrypted tunnel.