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Motivating children for the sports and make them interested in the games should be started at home and school level by the equal participation of the parents and teachers. Sports and games become very interesting and can be played by anyone anytime however it should be practiced from childhood for better achievement of the goal whether in the study or other. Sports and games are of many types and named according to the rules and ways of playing them. Some of the sports are cricket, hockey national game , football, basket ball, volley ball, tennis, running, skipping, high and low jumping, discus throw, badminton, rowing, swimming, kho-kho, kabaddi, and many more.

Sports are the best ways to deal with the losses and profits in the life by making the balance between body and mind, excitement and sorrow. Playing sports for some hour on daily basis has been made necessary in the schools for the welfare of the children and better future of the country. Many sports are played in India from ancient time and hockey has been declared as the national game of the country.

Especially children are very fond of playing game in the playground in the nearby areas of home or they generally participate in the school. Many school level, district level, state level, national level, and international level sports activities are organized for the maximum participation of the children and youths of the country. However, sometimes disappointing performances of Indian athletes at the national or international level like Olympic or common wealth game shows the poor condition of sports and facility provided to the athletes in India.

Still the Indian athletes have not achieved a standard in the international sports however it seems that soon they would do as the criteria and scope of sports is increased in the current years. It has been promoted to a great extent in the schools and colleges by the government of the country.

Indian athletes are showing their full participation in every national and international level sports and continuously trying to achieve the quality and standard. Since Indian athletes had win only few gold medals in the last Olympic Games however they had played with full courage and enthusiasm.

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India is leading in many sports like hockey, wrestling, cricket, etc. The selection of best sportsperson is done from the students playing well the schools or state level.

Now the condition of sports in India has become changed and it has become the good field to get popularity and success. It is not separate from the education and it is not necessary that if one is playing good sports he does not need good education or if one is going good in education he should not involve in the sports. Education and sports are two sides of the same coin means success. Playing sports in the schools by the students has been made compulsory; teachers and parents should promote the children on their own level to play the game for their growth and development as well as make future of the country.

Sports nourish the life of us in many ways.

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It teaches us discipline and continuity in the work to get the goal. It keeps us fit both physically and mentally and thus socially, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually.

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It is best way of entertainment and meditate the mind in such a polluted and pressurized environment where everyone becomes ready to give tension and create problems for other one. It enhances the concentration level and memory power and fills the mind with positive thoughts.

Sports are termed as any physical or mental activity which is mostly done during leisure time and includes a high level of entertainment involving a sense of competition. It not only makes us fit but also makes us alert and active by improving our overall physical and mental health. Sports also help to spread communal harmony on a larger platform during various global sports events like Olympic, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games etc.

Various teams across the world take part in these global events and compete with each other to emerge as a winner. Not only being part of a sport is a wonderful thing but even watching our favorite sports and cheering up for our team is also a great experience. Sports can be broadly categorized based on the location or area where it is being played.

It could also be further classified on whether it is mind, physical or electronic sports. The major classification of sports is given below:. Sports which require a huge area and are played on a large playground are termed as Outdoor Sports. Sports or games which can be played within a room, hall or a smaller area are known as Indoor Sports. The indoor sports could be further classified as mind, physical and electronic. The major classification of Indoor Sports is as follows:. Sports which does not require much physical exercise is known as Mind Sports.

Chess, Card Games etc can be termed as mind sports.

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Indoor sports which require major physical exertion are known as Indoor Physical Sports. This is one of the latest indoor games which involves competition using the video games. The game is played on bigger screens and people compete with each other using their gaming console. Sport not only has an entertainment factor but it also has many physical and mental health benefits. It enhances the overall personality of an individual by making him fit and active. People will come, Ray. They'll come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom.

They'll turn up your driveway not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at your door as innocent as children, longing for the past. They'll pass over the money without even thinking about it: for it is money they have and peace they lack. And they'll walk out to the bleachers; sit in shirtsleeves on a perfect afternoon Sports know no sex, age, race, or religion. That first bit of confidence can be a gateway to many other great things!

Every year an estimated 35 million kids participate in some form of sports in America Click here for more Persuasive Essays. Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help?

Sports and Personal Development

Participation in Team Sports Builds Character Essays - The involvement in team sports builds good character and social development skills in children. The Benefits of Participating in Team Sports Essay - Literature Review "There can be little doubt that intercollegiate athletics is one of the significant filters through which the public looks at American post-secondary education" said Lapchick, Sperber, Telander, and thelin p.

Essay on Benefits And Benefits Of Playing Sports - Students who play sports experience many more benefits that make them a more well rounded person than students who do not. Youth sports words - 12 pages. They dedicate hours to achieving goals not only for the metal or prize but to be their best. In any field that same competitive spirit pushes people to excel and spawns excellence from the most simple task to the most complex. The workplace in one big team. Just like in sports, everyone must work together for the main goal.

Sport participation growing up helps people be a team player in the office. Athletes have learn the ability to swallow.

Why do men get paid more than women? Brown University mad a very important decision that would shock the world in the spring of Because of the law, judges had to ask three questions. Sixty percent of students play on at least one sports team a year, which is equivalent to over forty million student athletes. Sports can help keep students healthy and offers students to posses an increased awareness of nutrition. Also, sports are the only extracurricular activity to make a significant difference in. Children and Sports: The Advantages are Endless words - 15 pages integral part of the sports experience for athletes.

It is through this experience that some grow into leaders and others into strong supporters, both of which a team will need to be successful. Finding their role on the team is a similar experience to finding ones niche in life, a definite life experience for participants" Mango N. Mango claims that these situations experienced during sports participation are ones that do not take place.

Children and Sports: The advantages are endless words - 15 pages integral part of the sports experience for athletes. If you do, do you think it should be banned? I too think that it's connected but, unlike most people, don't think it should be banned. I have many reasons to believe so and I will state them in my essay. First I will point out that not all sports include violence.