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For others like David Smith and Robert Hawkins, the higher profile of the modern Governor General actually supports the need to maintain the British dimension of the Canadian Crown. The short tenure of the Governor General challenges the occupants of that office to fully comprehend and exercise their vice-regal duties.

8 reasons constitutional monarchy is the best form of government – The Crown Chronicles

They argue that abandoning the direct connection to the Queen would risk the loss of non-partisan stability and continuity anchored in a hereditary monarchy older than Canada itself. Indeed, the British Sovereign serves as the model for the Governor General in the exercise of both its dignified and its efficient responsibilities.

Likewise, the Canadianization of the constitution raises other questions about the future sustainability of the Anglo-Canadian Crown. Originally a British statute passed by Westminster acting in its imperial capacity, the British North America Act was finally patriated as the Constitution Act, and augmented by the Constitution Act, , with the inclusion of a long-sought amending formula and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

More and more, Canada has assumed, and continues to develop, its own distinct identity beyond its rich inheritance from Britain. Can the current Crown in its multiple relationships and compound capacities continue to be a meaningful focal point of executive powers, legislative functions and judicial authority? Most of the authors of Canada and the Crown believe that it can and should.

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Nonetheless, some of these authors express their support for the Crown defensively, in a way that acknowledges serious questions about the value or the need for the institution in the 21 st century. Similarly, the advocacy for the use of Cabinet Manuals, by James Bowden and Nicholas MacDonald, to clarify the processes that should be followed in difficult constitutional situations implies some misgivings about the ability of government officials to deal adequately with unusual circumstances, such as the prorogation episode of The speculation that subsequently swirled around the Governor General raised concerns about the political involvement of the office in carrying out its constitutional responsibilities.

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This aspect of potential partisanship is also raised by Richard Berthelsen in his account of the history of the Speech from the Throne. Contrary to the tradition of Openings of Parliament at Westminster, where the speeches are invariably short, amounting to little more than a list of bills to be introduced by the Government over the session, the Speeches from the Throne delivered by the Governor General are becoming longer and more clearly partisan in flavour.

Over the long term, the essential neutrality and impartiality of the Governor General is being compromised. He then distributes the ballot paper with only one candidate, and each ruler is requested to indicate whether the candidate is suitable to be the Yang di Pertuan Agong.

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  8. Then, the nine sultans will vote through a secret ballot and if the candidate receives at least five votes, he will officially be the next Yang di-Pertuan Agong. If the successful nominee declines the offer or the nominated ruler fails to obtain the majority votes, the voting process is repeated with the nomination of the second most senior ruler in the list.

    The process is completed only after the ruler has accepted the offer of becoming the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

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    The conference then declares the ruler as the king of Malaysia to hold office for a term of five years. This rule no longer applies after all state rulers have taken their turn as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

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    Show More. Representative institutions such as Parliament evolved to allow for the citizens to dispose of the monarch and make sure that they followed the law. Because the absolutists were the sole power, they thought of themselves as above the law. This meant that they could not get removed because they would never break a law. In order to control the nobles, absolute monarchs such as Louis XIV taxed only the peasants, only making them resist more.

    History from across the centuries, Royalty from the 21st.

    Absolute monarchies crushed religious pluralism; the nobles no longer had power over their kingdoms to practice their own religions. Constitutional monarchies, however, gave more power to the nobles, allowing much more toleration of differences such as religion, as seen in the English Bill of Rights.

    There was also a greater difficulty for constitutional monarchies to have a strong standing army, because the parliament had to give consent to the tax to train the soldiers. Absolute monarchs could tax at will,.

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